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Why is cloud migration important for business growth?

Cloud migration is the process of moving the digital assets, services, IT resources, IT databases and applications into the cloud. Cloud migration can also be about moving from one type of cloud to another.

Cloud Computing is one of the most trending fields due to its unending string of benefits to businesses. User-friendliness, ease of access, advanced security and low-cost implementation are some of the benefits that encourage non-cloud users to take a leap and transform their business.

Why move to SAP Integration Suite?

  • SAP IS is the Future platform for Integration from SAP, supporting every growing cloud-based system integration(s) need
  • CAPEX to OPEX: Pay as you go subscription model and requires minimal CAPEX investment with CPI’s volume-based license model
  • Customer is free from the hassles of infrastructure maintenance and upgrades
  • Multi tenancy, data isolation and virtualization is possible
  • SAP IS (integration suite) is cloud based and thus highly scalable
  • IPaaS comes with low operational cost
  • Pre-packaged integration content readily available reducing the development effort
  • Completely flexible and provides transparency about all the processing steps such as conversion, routing, transformation and security

Challenges of moving from PI/PO to SAP IS (Integration Suite)

Legacy Landscape Assessment - Building and understanding of the legacy landscape, interface complexities, documenting the relevant configurations including custom developments is quite cumbersome and time taking

No Automated Migration - Each interface needs to be created manually in SAP IS - Cloud Integration, hence high efforts translating to high costs

Reusability - No central repository for data types and hence no reusability of these data types across multiple iFlows

Technical challenges like:

  • Mappings can be imported, but with limitations
  • Enhanced receiver determination and look-ups to be reimplemented
  • Handling ABAP Proxies without Enterprise Service Repository
  • Lack of adapters and adapter module support in CPI
  • IDOC Handling in CPI needs to be reconfigured, and many more

All the above eventually add up, and the overall total cost of migration then becomes a significant deterrent to migration.

Tarento’s Automated Move to Cloud Integration Offering

Since customers have struggled to move from their legacy SAP PI/PO investments into the SAP Cloud Integration suite, we have developed an end- to-end solution to ease this journey.

Our automated solution aims to make the move to cloud integration a painless and cost effective journey for customers (50% lesser migration time, and upto 75% cost savings).

Our tailor made automated cloud migration offering comes with several tools and accelerators that is leveraged across all the different phases of the migration to deliver significant benefits in accelerating the journey to the cloud.


Our cloud migration offering benefits

Reduces discovery effort up to 50%
Reduces migration effort up to 75%
Up to 2X faster implementation
OPEX cost savings up to 30%
Alignment towards Integration best practices
Access to comprehensive Integration Accelerators / Utilities

Our Automated Cloud Migration Process


In this phase, we create a cloud migration strategy that includes Legacy landscape details, Interface complexity, Migration Plan and Migration Cost.


Here we set-up the SAP Integration Suite and deploy Tarento Migration Automator to complete automated migration. We also work on the manual migration Artefacts and proceed to QA.


We assist in performing all the tests basis requirements. We offer both Manual and Automated testing service.

Integration Operations

In the final phase, we start monitoring with our customised Integration Inspector, handle defects and enhance the integration with new requirements via Change Management.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation journey by Moving to Cloud quickly and cost effectively.

Want to know how you can move to cloud using SAP, adapt to the future and scale your enterprise to the next level? Contact us and we shall be happy to show you how!