Lean, Agile and Design thinking

Concept to clarity in 4 weeks. A lot of time, effort, resources could be saved in the later part of the project if some time is spent in the beginning to refine and validate the concept and make a clear, concrete roadmap.

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What is LEAD?

Our LEAD Sprint is a multi-phase exercise which brings Lean & Design Thinking together in an Agile framework to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing innovative products to market.

Design Thinking combines empathy, creativity and rationality to solve human-centered problems. Whereas Lean & Agile offers continuous value delivery with persistent feedback loops.


We love to talk about LEAD because we believe in its effectiveness. These are some reasons why LEAD is a proven approach for successful projects.

  • Avoid last minute surprises, delays and cost overruns because of the lack of clarity or misunderstanding of the scope.
  • Concrete road map with proper priority and phasing helps quantify efforts and resources required to build the platform.
  • Validation of hypotheses with prototypes ensure that every penny is spent wise and wastage are minimised.
  • Clear design and prototypes help engineering team understand the vision and requirements to the last bit.
  • Enable rapid development with a controlled budget.
  • Prototypes could be used to convey you vision and secure funding before investing in the actual development.

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