Consulting and Implementing solutions
on Microsoft technologies for Enterprises

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Achieving Competitive Advantage - Legacy software applications and technologies limit your organisation’s ability to enable a digital-first user experience and business operations and it’s problematic for businesses to meet modern customers’ demands
  • Modernize Application – Modernize existing applications with Cloud Services & get advantages of scalability, agility, efficiency all at reduced costs
  • Enhanced Security – Make the applications more secure leveraging Advanced Cloud Security features and continuous monitoring
  • Content Management and Collaboration – Organizing and storing documents, create Collaboration Sites and Web Content that relate to the Organization’s Business Processes
  • B2B Integration – Effectively exchange information seamlessly between Business and Trading Partners
  • Analytics and Reporting - Need Real time Analytics, Insights and Reporting, thus facilitating Intelligent decision making
  • Optimize and Scale Infrastructure – Want to scale up infra on demand while optimize cost at the same time and ensure business continuity and Disaster Recovery on Cloud.

Why choose Tarento as your implementation partner?

EAI and B2B Data Integration Services
EAI and B2B Data Integration Services
  • Integration Migration
  • Integration implementation
Azure Infra Suit and Offerings
Azure Infra Suit and Offerings
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud infrastructure security
Azure DevOps Offerings
Azure DevOps Offerings
  • DevOps implementation consulting
  • DevOps launch consulting
  • DevOps project recovery consulting
Azure PowerBI Offerings
Azure PowerBI Offerings
  • PowerBI implementation
  • PowerBI Recovery Consulting
App Development
App Development
  • Application Modernization & Migration
  • New Implementation
  • Support & Monitoring
Content Management
Content Management
  • Document Management System : Sharepoint DMS
  • Business Process Management
  • Migration to Sharepoint Latest (2016/2019)
  • Migration to Sharepoint Online or O365
  • Hybrid Migration : On-Prem and Cloud
  • From third party to Sharepoint : Legacy applications to Sharepoint (On-Prem/Online)
Power Platform Services
Power Platform Services
  • Power Apps : Low Code solutions
  • Power Automate : Business Process Modelling
  • Power BI : Live dashboards. Interactive Reporting
  • Power Virtual Agents : Intelligent Chatbots

Technologies & Tools

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