COVID-19: Don’t Panic!!! We are here to help

As we all are aware, the world has been struck by an unprecedented havoc created by the rise of COVID-19 infections. WHO has declared the condition as a pandemic and the world has come to a stand still. The effect of the pandemic has not been limited to the sectors of health and governance, but have created a lasting dent in the global economy as well. Cases across multiple countries are on a rise and the governing bodies are finding it difficult to control the spread. Due to this faceless terror, countries are coming together to fight it with the collective might of the entire human race. As an effort to mitigate the impact on our business and employees , the company also has made decisions and amendments.

HR Advisory

Accelerate | Pluralsight - #Freeapril

Upskill yourself and accelerate your learning curve. Let us utilize this lockdown time to explore new avenues of learning. Signup now

Engage | Health from Home - Series by Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Start your health routine while you stay safe at home. Introducing “HEALTH FROM HOME” series launched by Aditya Birla. You can watch it here

Engage | Post your selfie while WFH contest

Let’s bring a smile on those frowned faces. Participate in the selfie contest and flaunt your selfie skills.

COVID Helpdesk

For any covid-19 related queries, please feel free to contact the covid helpdesk covidhelpline@tarento.com & the helpline will extend the best possible support to address your query

COVID-19 Facts

There is great media interest around the world in the spread of coronavirus, which has given rise to legitimate consumer concerns about the risks of COVID-19 and "outbreaks". Concerns about the risks of this outbreak and the magnitude of the public health challenge have led to a significant increase in people looking for information on what to do to protect and prevent the virus. Read more

A quick glance to what you can do to control this global crisis

  • Washing Your Hands

  • Social Distancing

  • Isolate Yourself from Others

  • Symptom Monitoring

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

Effective Work From Home Tips

Due to coronavirus pandemic, a period of working from home become increasingly inevitable for our company. In a matter of days, the majority of us had our workday completely turned upside down. It can be jarring, but it’s time to reframe and refocus. Here are some tips to stay productive under quarantine despite the chaos that is surrounding us.

TARENTO Initiatives

Beyond taking steps to ensure the well being of our employees and clients, Tarento is also taking initiatives to contribute to the wider society impacted by the pandemic. Listed below are some of the Initiatives from Tarento to empower the community.

1. Covid19 Facts Bot

An intelligent chat bot powered by Tarento THOR dialog engine, can answer questions related to Covid19 situation, provide facts and relevant references. Bot can engage in Swedish and English language conversations.

2. Finpandem

App designed to help doctors in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus by sharing your location information. The idea for the application was born out of the need for Finnish doctors to understand and prevent the spread of the coronavirus more effectively. Visit https://www.finpandem.fi/ to know more.

3. Kronos

A lot of organizations who are not used to working remotely has been affected by the current situation when work from home is mandated. Many of these organization lack the tools necessary to be effective. Tarento has opened up our Kronos platform for these organizations and users for free for 3 months 'as is' usage.

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